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Would You Want Your Small Business on a Reality Television Show?

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Pawn Stars store in Las Vegas by Out.of.Focus on Flickr (CC license)

Pawn Stars store in Las Vegas by Out.of.Focus on Flickr (CC license)

The Washington Post recently featured on article on how to turn your small business into the next reality television star, but how many of you would really be interested in such a thing?

The information included in the piece discusses how businesses are chosen for reality television in the first place. Some people, like the group on “Pawn Stars,” just get lucky; for that show, the owner of Leftfield Productions came up with the idea of a TV show featuring a pawn shop while in Las Vegas for a bachelor party.

Others, of course, have to go about things the more old-fashioned way and actually pitch their ideas to production companies.

But beware: if your business is failing, according to the Washington Post article, it’s unlikely that you’ll be chosen as the next reality star. This makes sense as documenting the failure of a business probably wouldn’t make for very good — and definitely not inspiring — television (unless the show is something akin to Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares,” apparently, in which the world-famous chef tries to bring failing restaurants back from the brink of bankruptcy).

Be sure to read the full article for more information on how you can make your business reality TV material, but in the meantime we’re curious: would you be interested in putting your small business at the center of reality television? Why or why not?

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May 16th, 2013 at 8:44 am

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