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Take The Pledge: Entrepreneurs Unite!

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A prominent foundation is encouraging small business innovators to take a new “Entrepreneur’s Pledge.”

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has unveiled the pledge as part of its Entrepreneurs’ Movement, which was launched last fall.

The idea is for entrepreneurs to express their enthusiasm for the small business enterprises that remain the key to American economic recovery.

What do you think of the pledge? Will you sign it?

The Entrepreneur’s Pledge:

I am an entrepreneur.

I am following a dream, pursuing an opportunity, taking charge of my own destiny.

I am bringing something of value to society, making a job for myself and for others, and creating wealth that benefits my family, my community, my country, my world.

I am one of a movement of millions of entrepreneurs and innovators who made America great, and who will continue to keep our economy going … and growing.

I am what I am because many people have helped me along on this journey.


I will tell my story, sharing my successes and failures, so that others taking the entrepreneurial path can learn.

I will strive to mentor an aspiring entrepreneur.

I will make my voice heard by those who make policy decisions that affect me and my business.

I will appreciate and celebrate my accomplishments, and the accomplishments of all my fellow entrepreneurs.

I will give back to the society that helped me to be successful.

I will Build a Stronger America.

Read more about the pledge in the Kansas City Star.

Sign the pledge and join Build a Stronger America, the Entrepreneurs’ Movement.

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