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Small Business Roundup: 8/6/10

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This week in small business news, we’ll be talking about mixed information regarding small business growth, where you should start a small business if you want to be happy, earning money with your small business blog “without guilty feeling,” and making your business more efficient. Let’s go!

  • Small Business Employment Grows, But Slowly: InformationWeek reports on Intuit’s Small Business Employment Index for July, which shows that small business was responsible for 40,000 new jobs in July, down from June’s 45,000 figure. July’s growth was a 0.2 percent monthly rise that translates into a 2.4% annual growth rate. The big “winners,” if you will, were the Mountain and South Atlantic states while the West North Central and East North Central states performed the worst.
  • Happiness is owning a small business in Boston: The Boston Globe share the results of a TD survey, which found that business owners in the Greater Boston area are among the happiest in North America. Los Angeles took first place overall, and coming in last? Saskatoon in Saskatchewan.
  • How to Make Money from Your Small Business Blog Without Guilty Feeling: helps small business bloggers balance the desire to connect with readers with the possibility of making money. Included in the discussion are types of ads you can use as well as whether you should inform your readers that you are making money through their visits.
  • Could Your Small Business Be More Efficient?: Nasdaq offers several tips to make sure your small business is running at full capacity; places to pay special attention to include timekeeping, clearing out documents, and going as paperless as possible — this includes both document storage and refraining from using snail mail unless absolutely necessary.

Is your business paperless or nearly so? Please share your experiences in the comments! And also, what else is going on in your small business world this week?

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August 6th, 2010 at 10:30 am