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Small Business News Weekly Roundup: 7/16/10

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This week in small business news we have a mix of news, social media tips, and a list of issues to consider if you’re thinking about going VoIP. Don’t even know what VoIP is? Read on.

  • Small Business Bill Stalls in Senate: gives the latest news on what’s happening with legislation that would affect small businesses currently working its way through the Senate — or not.
  • Fed Governor: Small Business Lending Climate Improving: reports on encouraging comments made by Elizabeth Duke, Governor of the Federal Reserve. In an interview with CNBC, Duke said “banks were taking on more loans than before. She also said banks realized that future success depended on taking on more business loans.”
  • Is Social Media Failing to Produce Business Leads?: Mashable reminds readers that social media success isn’t necessarily measured in direct sales from tweets, but rather by a growing audience — and that audience “can be re-engaged down the line with news about your products or special offers that directly drive sales.” This is an important point, especially for those who might be discouraged by what they feel is a minimal, immediate social media impact on sales.
  • My Company Should Use Facebook for What?: Marketing professional John Cilio offers a list of 10 issues businesspersons should address when diving into Facebook. Aside from goals and value proposition offered by the company, other issues to consider include figuring out the best time of day to interact with readers and remaining consistent, according to Cilio. Some great tips here.
  • Is VoIP for My Small Business?: This post appears at a blog called VoiP Insider, but it’s a balanced presentation of the issues you should consider if you’re thinking about moving your small business into VoIP technology (Voice Over IP). Issues to consider include status of your current phone system, potential cost savings, and upfront expenses.

What’s new in your small business world this week?

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July 16th, 2010 at 9:45 am