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Small Business News Weekly Roundup: 4/1/11

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In this week’s small business news roundup, we have how-to advice for creating a mobile app for your small business, defining business strategy, and retiring from your small business. And for those of you in the market for a tablet, BlackBerry has one coming out, so you might want to take a look at it before making your final decision. Here we go!

  • Do-It-Yourself Mobile Apps for Small Businesses: Is your small business ready for a smartphone application all its own? James Alan Miller at Small Business Computing gives an excellent overview on how you can get started — lots of specific, practical advice and resources.
  • How Do You Define Small Business Strategy?: Tim Berry at Business Insider responds to this reader question by breaking strategy down into three components: identity, market, and focus. This article is a great jumping-off point for brainstorming.
  • Office Depot to Tap Into Small Business Tablet Market with Blackberry PlayBook: Are you thinking of buying a tablet to aid in the management of your small business? You might want to check out the new Blackberry PlayBook, which will go on sale this month at Office Depot. According to Business News Daily, “The move is part of an overall trend toward tablet makers recognizing the value of the small business market, which is increasingly embracing tablets because they are easily portable and relatively inexpensive.” Do you already have a tablet for your small business? Would you recommend it to others?

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What’s new in your small business world this week?

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April 1st, 2011 at 10:11 am