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Small Business News Weekly Roundup: 11/5/10

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This week’s small business news roundup includes an analysis of what the recent election’s results might mean for small business, tips for how to build your small business empire, some interesting survey results regarding computer virus concerns and social media, and also some easy ways you can incorporate social media into your small business. Here we go:

  • Was the Voice of Small Business Heard at the Ballot Box?: throws out some questions regarding whether more Republicans in Congress will help small businesses — or whether it’s really who is heading certain committees that would make a difference. What do you think?
  • Small Business News: Building Your Small Business Empire: Here’s another great roundup of articles from Small Business Trends — check out pieces on when tinkering with technology can be too much, why you should consider using Foursquare, 12 steps to easy online marketing, and much more.
  • Majority of Small Business Owners See Computer Security As a Priority: The title of this article refers to the finding of a Trend Micro Global survey that 69% of small and large business owners in the United States, Germany, Japan and the UK are worried about computer viruses; perhaps an even more interesting finding, though, is that only 36% of “small business owners believed their customers used sites like Facebook and Twitter.” Where do you fall on these questions?
  • 6 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Integrating Social Media: This post at BlogTalkRadio offers some easy ways to ease social media into your business. Suggestions range from the very simple (adding your links to your email signature) to the more advanced (spotting business trends and then writing blog posts or holding competitions based on them).

What’s new in your small business world this week?

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November 5th, 2010 at 2:48 pm