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Small Business News Weekly Roundup: 10/1/10

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This week’s small business roundup kicks off with good news about Bank of America’s actions intended to get finances flowing toward small businesses. We also have an inspiring story of a small business giving back to the community, an article about incorporating Skype into your business, and also a report on small business expectations and reality concerning social media.

  • Bank of America Creates 1st Pool of Loans in New SBA Program: The Wall Street Journal reports that Bank of America Corp. is working with lender CDC Small Business Finance on a $27.2 million purchase of first-mortgage loans, which “should encourage their originators to make more credit available to small businesses.” Through the move, Bank of  America hopes to “kick-start SBA’s secondary market, generating new liquidity for banks so they can expand small-business lending, help stimulate growth and support new job creation.”
  • How a Small Business Can Make a BIG Difference: This is an inspiring article from MarketWatch about blue sky scrubs(TM), which sells scrub hats and nursing scrubs online and has also been able to donate hundreds of hats per month to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
  • 5 Tips for Utilizing Skype for Business: Do you use Skype for your business? If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should at least give a whirl — after all, it’s free! This article provides five great examples of how you can incorporate this useful tool into your small business.

As always, if you have stories you think other small business owners would find interesting, please send them along. And do let us know what’s happening in your small business world this week!

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October 1st, 2010 at 10:14 am