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Small Business News Roundup: Focus on Social Media 6/4/10

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This week’s roundup is heavy on the topic of social media for small businesses; we know many of you are interested in how to incorporate tools like Facebook and Twitter into your business, so what follows are recently published articles with great information to inspire you to get you started and also keep you going down the right social media path.

  • 5 Small Business Social Media Success Stories: Did you realize that nearly 1 in 5 small businesses are now involved in social media? If you’re looking for inspiration to get your small business started in social media, this piece at Mashable may do the trick.
  • How Social Media Has Changed Small Businesses: This article in The Epoch Times discusses not only how social media is being used in small businesses but also outlines the “Big Four” (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and LinkedIn) and provides an estimate on how much time you should be spending on social media.
  • Small-business trends in search and social media: Pamela Springer expands on the following tips for small businesses looking to get involved in social media in B to B magazine: integrate local, choose wisely, become vertical, and go one-on-one.
  • Some Common Social Media Myths that Hurt SMBs: This article offers great tips on deciding who should be handling social media for your business and what community building is really all about. There are also links to other past articles on the subject, so this is a great one to bookmark and come back to.

Do you use social media in conjunction with your small business? How?

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June 4th, 2010 at 12:57 pm