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Small Business News Roundup: 8/13/10

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This week we’re talking about the estate tax, community banks, and building your brand. Plenty of great reading, so let’s get started:

  • How estate tax benefits small business: We’ve discussed the estate tax here before on the blog, but this article is one small business owner’s perspective on what the so-called “death tax” means to entrepreneurs. From the title, you can tell which side of the argument he is on, but what do you think? Does the estate tax affect small business? How?
  • Small-business borrowers return to community banks: The shift to large banks in the ’90s has taken a decided turn toward community banks recently, according to The Gazette, out of Marlyand. Community banks are especially well-suited for those who have an interruption of cash flow, says the article, as someone who lives in the same community can better understand the issue. Have any of you switched from large to community banks in the past few years?
  • The Greatest Brands in American History: 24/7 Wall St. takes a look at some of the greatest brands in American history from Standard Oil to Marlboro to McDonald’s and what has made them household names in the country for decades. Although you may surprised that companies like Apple and Google didn’t make the list, the focus of the article is really about the staying power of these brands and what business owners can learn from them. Interesting stuff.
  • Using Facebook to Build Your Brand: Speaking of brands, Darren Rowse a.k.a. Problogger discusses five ways he is using Facebook to build his brand. There is lots of great advice in here, including how to get readers engaged in discussions and using a special landing page for those arriving to your site after “liking” it on Facebook. This is a must-read for anyone promoting his or her business in social media.

How do you use Facebook to build your brand? How important is “brand building” anyway?

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August 13th, 2010 at 2:18 pm