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Small Business News Weekly Roundup: 12/23/11

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In this week’s small business news roundup, we’ll talk about tips for choosing lifetime income plans, hiring in 2012, choosing the right ISP for your business, and rural small business trends for the upcoming year.

First, some other roundups:

  • This Week in Small Business: Making Lists: The New York Times’ small business news roundup, including links to several end of year lists — biggest moments for the markets, most innovative products, most overused buzzwords, worst media disasters, and much, much more.

And now the rest:

  • Is Your Business Planning to Hire in 2012?: Small Business Trends sums up the results of an American Express OPEN survey of small business owners regarding hiring trends from 2002-2011. One interesting finding: “No matter what the economic situation, over the past 10 years the percentage of entrepreneurs who are planning to add employees has consistently surpassed the percentage planning cutbacks.”

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What’s new in your small business world this week?

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December 23rd, 2011 at 8:35 am