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Do Small Business Owners Share Special DNA?

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DNA rendering by ynse on Flickr (CC license)

DNA rendering by ynse on Flickr (CC license)

A newly released survey by Deluxe Corp. has revealed that small business owners share several characteristics that help them succeed.

The study asked over 1,000 American small business owners questions about their attitudes, experiences, and beliefs about running a small business and found that 86% believe they can achieve whatever they dedicate themselves to doing and 77% prefer failure over never trying at all.

“These findings reveal how small business owners are wired and what attracts them to a less-predictable career path,” said Tim Carroll, Deluxe VP of small business engagement. “‘Mapping the DNA’ of SMB owners allows Deluxe to design products and services that fit their lifestyle and enable SMBs to spend time on the parts of the business they are passionate about, and less time on the parts they aren’t, like marketing.”

Moreover, the survey found that 76% of small biz owners have a family member who also has owned a small business, lending credence to Carroll’s concept of the SMB owners sharing DNA that is unique to individuals primed to succeed as entrepreneurs.

The survey also showed that small biz owners have more ability to influence others’ opinions than those in the general population and also research products more thoroughly before purchase.

For more information on the results of the survey, check out Deluxe Reveals Unique “DNA” of America’s Small Business Owners.

What do you think of the survey results?

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May 29th, 2013 at 10:08 am

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