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50+ Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

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Many small businesses are discovering the benefits of social media.  I know it has worked wonders for my own business.  It is an inexpensive and effective way for you to endear yourself to current customers while also marketing yourself to potential customers.

I talk to a lot of business owners who don’t even know where to begin, or don’t know how it can really help their business.  Is this you? I suggest you read this article from Hubspot, which lays out how 3 small businesses used social media to their advantage.  If it doesn’t convince you, I’m not sure what will.

I know it can feel daunting to jump into, so here are 50+ baby steps you can take to get a feeling for what is involved before you take the full plunge:

  1. Use Twitter to monitor client conversations
  2. Use Twitter to respond to client complaints
  3. Use Twitter to run promotions and contests
  4. Tweet about upcoming changes in your organization
  5. Use Twitter Search to monitor not only yourself, but your competitors
  6. Use Twitter Search to monitor words that correspond to your business (for example, Chicago Divorce Lawyer)
  7. When someone tweets they need a Chicago Divorce Lawyer, direct message them with your information
  8. Ask questions on Twitter that you want to know the answer to (that corresponds with your business) For example: what are you looking for in a divorce lawyer?
  9. Share interesting articles about your industry that positions you as an expert in your field
  10. When creating a Facebook page, make a fan Page, not a personal Profile
  11. Completely fill out your Facebook page, it builds trust
  12. Read the Facebook rules about business accounts
  13. Keep personal parts of your Facebook profile private
  14. Use appropriate pictures on your Facebook fan page
  15. Add your Facebook URL to your website and email so customers can connect
  16. Follow the steps to create a Facebook vanity URL
  17. Share useful articles and links on Facebook
  18. Market your products on Facebook by running promotions
  19. Buy Facebook ads that target your audience
  20. Update your Facebook fan page on a regular basis
  21. Answer customer questions and requests using Facebook
  22. Start a business blog
  23. Write every post with this question in mind: “what value am I providing my readers?”
  24. Try to keep posts under 500 words to keep your reader’s attention
  25. Connect with other bloggers
  26. Leave comments on other blogs
  27. Respond to every single comment left on your blog
  28. Publish at least once a week, but hopefully more
  29. Use your blog to update customers on sales, promotions, interesting news etc.
  30. Post your blog to Facebook and Twitter
  31. Make sure your blog is easy to find on your company website
  32. Update your company website to include your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blog links
  33. Pay attention to your SEO
  34. Write all blog posts with keywords in mind
  35. Do everything in your power (including spending some money) to make your website SEO optimized
  36. Do the research necessary to find the best keywords for your business
  37. Make sure to have a LinkedIn profile
  38. Promote your blog via LinkedIn
  39. Create LinkedIn ad campaigns
  40. Join LinkedIn groups that will help you network
  41. Get LinkedIn recommendations from clients and former co-workers
  42. If you have an amazing power point, share it on
  43. Make it easy for customers to find you on social media
  44. Guest post on as many blogs as possible
  45. Try to take as many social media relationships offline as possible
  46. If you’re a storefront, host events that you promote via social media
  47. Read as much as you can about social media
  48. Build an email list
  49. Send email newsletters and email blasts enough to be remembered but not so much as to be annoying
  50. Write press releases and send them into the world to promote sales and promotions
  51. Be active and consistent on social media.

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