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What’s the Difference Between Custody and Adoption?

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Joe Escalante
Hi Joe,

What’s the difference between custody and adoption?

– Antonio Alvarado Rodriguez


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Custody can take different forms. There’s the ever-changing, court-approved custody arrangement between separated or divorced parents. Then there’s temporary custody awarded to guardians for one reason or another; perhaps a mother has a reason for granting custody of her child to another family while the child lives with the family going to school near them, or trains for the Olympics, etc.

Sometimes a guardian has custody of an adult who has been deemed incapacitated by order of a family court proceeding.

These are all temporary and limited arrangements. They can be revoked or changed by petitioning the court. They are usually limited in scope. A child custody arrangement may not include the ability of the custodial parent to make major medical decisions without approval of the actual parents, but it would include authority to send the kid on field trips with the school, etc. Or an adult guardianship might include medical decisions, but not access to financial assets of the ward.

Adoption is permanent and involves a termination of the prior guardian’s rights. It generally cannot be revoked. After adoption, the adoptive parent has all the rights of the prior, or biological, parents. There are no limitations or strings attached like with custodial arrangements.

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March 28th, 2014 at 11:06 am

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