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What About Jobs? Or, Richard Dreyfuss Takes a Few Bites of Apple

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One major objection (and, arguably, defense) to End User License Agreements (EULAs) is that they tend to be prolix legal boilerplate and not able to be comprehended by the common user. Frankly, even as an IP lawyer, my eyes glaze over and I’m left just clicking and agreeing so I can get on with listening, watching, twiddling.

But no more: Richard Dreyfuss—he of Othello, Close Encounters of The Third Kind, Jaws, Stand by Me and Academy Award-winner for his role in The Goodbye Girl—has taken on a performance challenge that would devil any thespian: reading the iTunes EULA. And here’s the problem: now it makes sense. In other words, anyone who listens to Dreyfuss’s readings of the EULA loses the right to claim ignorance of its contents—he lends it coherece, sense and even emotional gravitas.

Listen at your peril. Of course, Apple will likely slap Dreyfuss with a very special cease & desist of his own for his performance, so you may not have much time to enjoy this masterful piece of acting.

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