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What’s Trending Now in Small Business

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Shutterstock/Tyler Olsen

Shutterstock/Tyler Olsen

Last year, small business owners and entrepreneurs had to pay more attention to technology, the Internet, and mobile than ever before. If they weren’t executing content marketing campaigns online, optimizing their marketing and sales through mobile, or setting up security systems to combat cyber attacks, they would be left in the dust.

The following are some trends that small business owners need to be aware of and put into practice in order to succeed in today’s climate.

Protecting against cyber security ambushes

According to USA Today’s Steve Strauss and a McAfee study, cyber criminals are going after small businesses more and more because they are easy targets. It’s been found that a majority of small businesses have no security in place. After they’re the victims of a cyber attack, about 60% of businesses can’t recuperate and are forced to close up shop within six months’ time. Small businesses should put a firewall in place and hire an IT specialist to fight back against the hackers.

Transitioning from paper to digital

Small business owners are living in a digital world that is dominated by the cloud, email, and file sharing websites. These days, small businesses need to be using these digital resources and eliminating paper and hard copies. It saves time and money, and makes documents much easier to share among employees.

Making original, noteworthy content

Instead of focusing on SEO, big companies transitioned to creating high quality content online. That way, they would rank higher on Google and other search engines and increase their sales, gain new customers, and establish their expertise in the market. Small businesses should be looking at the example set by corporations and produce blogs, videos, photographs, and other sources of valuable content that will be shared by consumers.

Structuring a mobile plan

Strauss cites evidence from different studies that “63% of women and 73% of men check their cell phones at least hourly” and “40% of the time spent on the Internet is done via mobile phones.” This means that people are using their phones for everything: to browse, to shop, and to socialize. Small business owners should be creating mobile-friendly websites and online stores as well as sending offers out on mobile phones. Otherwise, they’re going to miss out on a key portion of their customer base.


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