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The Death of Lou Reed

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Shutterstock/Michal Durinik

Shutterstock/Michal Durinik

Last month, at 71 years of age, Lou Reed died from complications of liver disease. But that was not the end nor how his fans will remember him. A few weeks later in Lincoln Center, several hundred fans gathered together to celebrate his life and music. The New Yorker article said that Reed’s widow, Laurie Anderson, was there too.

“It was a cold, brilliantly sunny day. There were no speeches, no visuals—just people, trees, and tall poles with powerful speakers mounted on top. Beige chairs were set up in diagonal rows, and people of all ages, in black overcoats, leather jackets, sunglasses, knitted hats, and berets, sat in the chairs or along the wall or stood, leaning against trees, nodding their heads, looking at one another, gazing up at the leaves. Many took pictures or video. The bright sunlight was dappled under the flaking branches, extremes of light and shadow adding to the unreal, happy strangeness.”

According the New York Post, Reed left Anderson, their home in the Hamptons, a Manhattan apartment, all his personal property, his touring company Sister Ray Enterprises, plus 75 percent of his estate. The remaining 25 percent of his estate was left to his only sibling, Margaret Reed Weiner. Weiner was also given a $500,000.00 bequest to care for their 93-year-old mother.

In Reed’s will, he wrote, “It is my hope and desire, without imposing any legal obligation, that my said sister will use a portion of this cash bequest to help care for our mother, Toby Reed, for the balance of her life,”

Love for Reed from his family and fans will no doubt last long into the future. A biography about him is in the works, according to a Billboard article. Music writer Anthony DeCurtis is slated to write the book, though there isn’t a known release date or title yet.

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December 5th, 2013 at 8:47 am