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Don’t Say It, If You Don’t Mean It

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Since the recent news that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were splitting up, many of us may wish that we could “un-hear” the phrase “conscious uncoupling.” But wishing doesn’t make it so.

Shutterstock/Matthew Benoit<br />

Shutterstock/Matthew Benoit

As wedding season approaches, there will be couples deciding to prevent future divorce proceedings and cancel the upcoming nuptials. According to SkyBride, over 250,000 couples call off their weddings each year.

Other engaged couples may not even make it to the wedding planning stage, but the break-up can be just as brutal. Sometimes still winding up in court.

Back in December, ABC News reported on a Georgia couple, Melissa Cooper and Christopher Ned Kelley. The two had lived together since at least 2000 and had a child together. In 2004, on the day before Christmas Eve, he asked her to marry him and gave her a ring worth approximately $10,000.00. Cooper accepted and they continued living together.

Sometime after the proposal, she learned that her fiancée had been in long term relationship with another woman. However, they worked things out after he promised to marry her and that he would stop seeing the other woman.

In 2011, Cooper confronted Kelley about his involvement with a different woman. This time she was told that he wanted to be with the other woman and that she and her children needed to move out of their home.

Cooper sued Kelley in Coweta County Superior Court and won $50,000.00 in a bench trial for her claims of breach of promise to marry, fraud and attorney fees. Kelly appealed to the Georgia Court of Appeals and the decision was affirmed.

In the end, Kelley did not pursue any further appeals and the $50,000.00 was paid to Cooper, according to her attorney, Jason Smith of Southern Piedmont Law in Newnan. “Now this is a precedent,” Smith said.

Case closed.

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April 8th, 2014 at 1:00 pm

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