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Cities and States Contemplate Paid Sick Leave for All Workers

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Sickness can be spread with a handshake or by way of a contaminated keyboard. In work environments, colds, viruses, the flu, and other illnesses can easily be transferred from one colleague to another. However, despite these facts, many employees in the United States still choose to go into their work, even when they are under the weather.

CBS News’ Aimee Picchi said that sick workers are going into work before they make a full recovery. Paid sick leave exists to curb this national problem, according to the National Partnership for Women & Families. The organization finds that failing to supply paid sick days is a public health problem.

Currently, only one state, Connecticut, offers paid sick leave. San Francisco, Seattle, and Milwaukee have also passed legislation that requires employers to give paid sick leave, while New York and Arizona are said to be considering similar laws. Employers are torn about this issue, considering that part-time retail workers, per say, may take advantage of it.

Picchi cited a study by NSF International that found that 25 percent of Americans go into work despite being sick. One third of employees will wait until their symptoms are in full effect before they take a day off.

Across the United States, 40 million workers don’t have paid sick leave, according to a study by the National Partnership for Women & Families. The reasons for going into work even when employees are feeling ill vary. Forty-two percent of respondents said that they wouldn’t take off because they had too much work to do. Thirty seven percent said it would be a strain on their finances to stay home.

Though 57 percent of workers would tell their colleagues to go home, a majority of the respondents said that they saw the sick employees who do show up as hard workers.


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