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Casino Win Dream Turns To Nightmare

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Vlada Z/

Vlada Z/

We’ve probably all had some sort of money winning daydream. Someone has to win. Why not you?

Spending a dollar or two to enjoy the anticipation of an imagined win is a favorite pastime, but what happens when the dream goes awry? The dream usually does not include litigation.

Beverly Mackey of Lincoln City, Oregon thought she was living the dream when she went to Chinook Winds Casino and won the grand prize of one million dollars. Unfortunately, getting the actual money has proved to be far more difficult. Mackey played a special promotion called Swipe, Play & Win that was owned by a company called Odds On Promotions, which sells contests to radio stations, casinos and others.

The casino paid Odds On Promotions $20,000.00 for the ability to offer the million dollar prize in the promotion. But after Mackey’s million dollar win, Odds On Promotion refused to pay the money and claimed that a mistake was made by one of their technicians. The company said that the odds were set too low.

Chinook Winds and Mackey sued Odds on Promotion. The casino is seeking return of the $20,000.00 fee paid to them and reimbursement for the $50,000.00 that it paid to Mackey for the first year of annuity on her prize. Mackey is suing for her million dollar prize and at least $20,000.00 for mental and physical distress after telling everyone about her big win and then not receiving it.

“In a moment when I’m not thinking about it, I’ll lapse into a little fantasy about how I don’t just have to live off Social Security, Disability and a small pension.”

But then reality hits. Fifteen months after her win, she is still waiting for the money. The lawsuit may last for another six months to a year before it either settles or goes to trial.


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October 29th, 2013 at 3:56 pm

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