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Does My Mom Need an Attorney and/or CPA After Receiving a Large Inheritance?

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Joe Escalante

Hi Joe,

Mom is going to receive a huge estate from her community property husband when he passes in the near term. All of her attorneys are the family attorneys that manage millions for the large family. Is it prudent for her to hire a personal attorney and CPA that is only looking out for her interest only?

- Ralph Stokes


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Community property including jointly held real property is going to pass to her automatically. No need for a separate attorney to look out for her there. If she is the executor of the estate, then she’s in charge of the rest of it as well. She shouldn’t need an extra attorney in that scenario either.

If the executor, trustees, and trust administrators are people she doesn’t trust, it would be worth it to have another attorney, whom she does trust, sit down with her and go through all documents and correspondence relative to the transfer of estate assets. Good luck.

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April 23rd, 2014 at 9:00 am

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