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Turkish Man May Have Secured “Steve Jobs” Trademark

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Steve Jobs by Ben Stanfield on Flickr (CC license)

Steve Jobs by Ben Stanfield on Flickr (CC license)

Patently Apple reports that a Turkish man may have secured the trademark for “Steve Jobs” in Turkey.

According to a Turkish blogger, Kamil Kürekçi applied for the trademark for use in connection with a textile brand, likely a line of clothing — which leads one to wonder whether black turtlenecks called the “Steve Jobs” line will soon be coming out of Turkey.

Patently Apple includes a graphic from the Turkish Patent Institute that shows the application was filed on October 24, 2011, but it’s still unclear as to whether the protection has actually been granted. The post also includes this “rough translation of the owner’s statement concerning the granted trademark”:

Opening overseas with this name will be an advantage for us considering that we will be mainly exporting. We think that Steve Jobs is a worldwide known brand that will never be forgotten. It is also obvious that it will facilitate our work on overseas advertisements of our products.

Of course all of this regarding the granting of the trademark has not been confirmed by Patently Apple or other sources at this point. If the trademark is a reality, however, it is highly unlikely that Apple will let it pass without a fight considering how strenuously the company protects its intellectual property.

Stay tuned!

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February 4th, 2013 at 12:29 pm