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Lady Gaga Not Goo Goo Over Breast Milk Ice Cream

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Lady Gaga by Lori Tingey on Flickr

Lady Gaga by Lori Tingey on Flickr

Last week the Internet was abuzz about breast milk ice cream — and now there’s a legal twist.

The Icecreamists in London had been selling the innovative dairy product made of human breast milk, lemon zest, and vanilla pods under the name “Baby Gaga” and reportedly had a waitress dressed like Lady Gaga to entice customers into trying it. The Westminster City Council has stopped the sale of the ice cream, but Lady Gaga isn’t taking any chances in case the flavor is reborn.

Lady Gaga has filed legal documents threatening to sue the ice cream shop if they don’t stop selling its product as “Baby Gaga.” According to the document, “The references you are making to Lady Gaga are thus clearly deliberate and intended to take advantage of her reputation and good will.” Lady Gaga’s brand may also be damaged by “associating the Lady Gaga mark with a food product which may be unsafe for human consumption (owing to the risk of it carrying such viruses as hepatitis),” the document reads.

Lady Gaga contends that using part of her name as well as her image could falsely lead the public into believing that she endorses the “nausea-inducing” ice cream.

For his part, Icecreamists owner Matt O’Connor has called Lady Gaga’s averments “preposterous and outrageous” and says he has no intention of changing the name of Baby Gaga if he is again granted permission to sell it by the local council.

Is this just O’Connor’s poker face or is he willing to do something to pacify Lady Gaga? What do you think about the ice cream and/or potential lawsuit by Lady Gaga? Would she have a case?

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March 8th, 2011 at 8:16 am

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