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J. Geils Sues Former Bandmates Over Trademarked Name

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J Geils Band in 1973 via Wikimedia Commons

J Geils Band in 1973 via Wikimedia Commons

Apparently the love between J. Geils and his former band “must of got lost somewhere down the line.”

The Boston Globe reports that John Geils has sued his former bandmates from the J. Geils Band, the rock group that bore his name.

The legal action was sparked by a recent announcement from Peter Wolf, Seth Justman, Magic Dick, and Danny Klein that they planned to embark on a tour as the J. Geils Band—minus J. Geils. John Geils Jr. responded by filing a 44-page lawsuit in federal court in Boston, alleging trademark infringement and deceptive business practices.

Geils maintains that he has owned the trademark for the “J. Geils Band” since 2008 and that the band is “seeking to misappropriate and steal” the name for their upcoming tour.

At the time of the Globe article, James Weinberger, attorney for the defendant band members, hadn’t seen the lawsuit and, therefore, had no comment; he did, however, allege that when Geils sought the trademark in the band’s name several years ago, he did so without informing anyone else in the group.

Geils’ attorney Chuck Grimes is confident that his client will prevail based on his valid trademark and suggests that the rest of the former bandmates consider touring as “formerly of the J. Geils Band” as “[t]hat would be accurate.”

What do you think about this trademark dispute? Who should own the rights to use the J. Geils Band’s name?

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August 6th, 2012 at 10:22 am