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iKids: Encouraging Children to Innovate

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May is National Inventors’ Month, and we’re celebrating innovation, so we thought it would be nice to honor some of the youngest inventors out there by featuring the Inventive Kids (iKids) website.

According to the site:

Inventive Kids was launched in 2003 to help children develop their innovative and creative potential. Now, with the launch of the redesigned iKIDS, children can experience innovation and creativity in “real time”. iKIDS also provides helpful information to teachers and parents.

Along with interactive games, classroom ideas for teachers, and recommendations for books on inventing, iKIDS also has an impressive “news” section that includes articles on the latest in the broader world of invention as well as on, you guessed it, children’s inventions.

Did you know, for instance, that 11-year-old Frank Epperson of San Francisco, California accidentally invented the Popsicle in 1905?

He had made a drink for himself by mixing flavoured soda water powder and water, which was popular at the time. By accident he left his drink, with the stir stick still in the glass, on the front porch of his house overnight. Well, that night the temperature fell below freezing, which didn’t happen often in the city. The next morning, Frank went to get his drink but found a hard lump of ice where the liquid once was. The stir stick became a handy handle and Frank enjoyed the frozen drink.

Epperson didn’t show off his invention until years later at a party, but soon thereafter he applied for a patent, and the rest is Popsicle history.

For more interesting tidbits about inventors and innovation geared toward children, be sure to check out!

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May 14th, 2012 at 5:42 am