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Dr. Dre Threatens Legal Action Over DiamondDRE Trademark

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Dr Dre by Commondr3ads at Wikimedia Commons

Dr Dre by Commondr3ads at Wikimedia Commons

Rapper and producer Dr. Dre has asked music producer Drew Reyes, also known as “DiamondDRE,” to cease and desist using “Dre” because of potential confusion. Reyes has registered the stage name with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). If Reyes does not stop, Dre has stated that he will not hesitate to have Reyes’s trademark cancelled.

Reyes received registration for “DiamondDRE” in December of 2011—U.S. Registration #4,067,361. An attorney representing Dr. Dre, whose legal name is Andre Young, recently sent a letter to Reyes asking him to not emphasize the “DRE” at the end of his name, but “to always present his mark – both online and in the brick and mortar world – as Diamonddre or DIAMONDDRE.” Apparently, Dr. Dre and his attorney thought this would keep consumers from asking themselves “Is it Dre? Is it Dre?”

The Houston Chronicle also printed this excerpt from the letter:

Given our clients (sic) fame in the music business as both a producer and performer, particularly with regard to Hip-Hop, in which your client is also active, any use by a performer of the name or mark DRE or of a name or mark that contains DRE, maybe confused with him.

The letter stressed Dr. Dre’s preference to “resolve conflicts amicably,” particularly among “fellow musicians.”

Reyes does not seem to be willing to de-emphasize the DRE in his stage name, however. “I REFUSE to let any person, regardless of whom they are or their status, to bully me; I don’t know if it’s because of some apprehensive complex you [Dr. Dre] may have, whether it’s cause you’re afraid another artist named ‘DRE’ may outshine you or become fans of another artist’s work besides your own. But I will tell you this…my name is DiamondDRE,” Reyes said in an interview with

Reyes attorney, Theresa V. Johnson,  responded to Dr. Dre’s letter as such: “We respectfully ask that you leave Mr. Reyes alone as his business venture is in no way a threat to ‘the world-famous music producer, rapper and musical entertainer Andre Young.’” has copies of the attorneys’ correspondence on its website.

What do you think?  Can you tell the difference between DiamondDRE and Dr. Dre?  Let’s not forget that Andre Young was never the only Dr. Dre

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