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August is National Inventors Month! – 2010

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Without inventors, we wouldn’t have cars, televisions, computers, cell phones, or any of the other gadgets we depend on every day. So it’s only fitting to take a moment—or a month—to celebrate the mad scientists, crazy dreamers, and everyday innovators who are changing the world with their inventions. Hence, National Inventors Month.

LegalZoom celebrates National Inventors Month

LegalZoom is joining the innovation celebration with a ton of cool stuff for inventors, future inventors, and anyone else who appreciates a little ingenuity. Don’t miss:

We’ll also be adding fun and informative invention-related blog posts throughout August—subscribe now so you don’t miss anything.

Got something to say about Inventors Month? Use hashtag #inventmo on your Inventors Month tweets and follow along for fun inventor facts and to stay up-to-date on the latest Inventors Month info and events.

National Inventors Month began in 1998 when the United Inventors Association (UIA), the Academy of Applied Science, and Inventors Digest magazine joined together to celebrate the contributions inventors make to the world.

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