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Apple Secures $1 Billion Verdict in Patent Infringement Case Against Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 by Sham Hardy on Flickr

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 by Sham Hardy on Flickr

The biggest legal story over the weekend was the announcement of the verdict in the Apple v. Samsung lawsuit, which we previously wrote about in Samsung Ordered to Stop Selling Galaxy Tablet and Galaxy Nexus. The jury decided in favor of Apple, finding that Samsung willingly infringed on several of Apple’s design patents, and awarded Apple just over $1 billion.

Because the jury found that Samsung acted “willingly,” Judge Lucy Koh could triple the damages award. Moreover, Judge Koh has scheduled a hearing in September to determine whether certain Samsung products will be pulled from shelves based on the verdict.

Reactions to the verdict are all over the place, literally and figuratively, so we thought we’d offer you a collection of some of the most informative analyses and bits of information:

  • Samsung Shares Fall After Apple Wins $1 Billion Verdict (Bloomberg): “Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) fell the most in almost four years in Seoul trading after a U.S. jury found the mobile-phone maker infringed Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s patents and ordered the South Korean company to pay more than $1 billion.”
  • Apple v. Samsung: Did the jury blow the Galaxy Tab verdict? (CNN Money): “As Villanova Law School Professor Michael Risch put it: ‘How did the Galaxy Tab escape design patent infringement? This was the only device to be preliminarily enjoined (on appeal no less), and yet it was the one of the few devices to be spared the sledgehammer.’”
  • Apple v. Samsung: What the analysts are saying (CNN Money): “Because the the jury didn’t deliver its verdict in the big Apple v. Samsung patent infringement suit until after the markets closed Friday — and because Wall Street tends to take the weekend off, especially in the summer — we had to wait a couple days to hear from most of the Apple analysts.”
  • The Morning Download: Why Apple Hasn’t Hamstrung Samsung (Wall Street Journal): “But Brian Love, a patent expert and teaching fellow at Stanford University’s program in Law, Science & Technology, tells CIO Journal the impact of Apple’s jury verdict on the Android ecosystem has been somewhat exaggerated.”
  • Consumers likely to feel impact of Apple defeat of Samsung (USA Today): “It could mean higher prices for the coolest features, different choices in mobile devices, and devices that work in less familiar ways. It means Apple’s rival smartphone and tablet makers, and Google, will have to scramble harder.”

What do you think of the verdict?

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August 27th, 2012 at 3:47 pm

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