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Free Joe – Free Legal Advice on Facebook

Get answers to your legal questions from California attorney Joe Escalante. Join us on the LegalZoom Facebook page Tuesday and Friday mornings at 10am PT to post your legal questions for Joe.

Here’s how it works: Just post your legal question straight to our Facebook Wall on Tuesday and Friday mornings and Joe will answer as many as he can free legal advice, simple as that!

Look for the call for questions posted on the LegalZoom Facebook Wall on Free Joe mornings. Joe will start answering questions about 10am PT.

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So who is this Joe Escalante character?

Joe EscalanteJoe Escalante is a California attorney and the host of the syndicated entertainment legal advice radio call-in program “Barely Legal Radio.”

Joe received his B.A. from UCLA and his J.D. from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles with a focus in antitrust litigation. He is published in the field. He has 18 years of experience as an entertainment attorney in Hollywood and has spent 30 years in the music, film, and television business.

Presently, Joe is semi-retired from the practice of law but remains an active member of the California State Bar and serves as a Judge Pro Tem for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.

When he’s not dispensing free legal advice, Joe plays bass in two bands and runs Kung Fu Records, the business he founded in 1996.

Free Joe on Facebook not enough for you?

Joe also dispenses free legal advice a couple of times a week on the Barely Legal Radio Program. Here’s where you can find him:

Sunday 5-7pm PT on KTLK 1150 in LA – call 877-520-1150 with your legal questions
Friday 11am-noon on – 877-LAW-4777
Friday 2-3pm on Radio Weezer – 877-LAW-4777

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The fine print:
The advice Joe gives is general; it is solely his opinion and not that of LegalZoom. He is a licensed California attorney with years of experience; users from other states should take care to review the laws in their own states. LegalZoom is not a law firm. This free service is intended to get you headed in the right direction, not to replace an attorney. This is a public forum. No attorney-client relationship is formed with Joe, or LegalZoom, and the attorney-client privilege does not apply. LegalZoom does not verify, validate or confirm the advice given by Joe. LegalZoom cannot guarantee the quality, or reliability of any legal advice provided by Joe.