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Where Can I Get a Non-Disclosure Agreement? And More Free Legal Advice – Free Joe 2/21/12

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On Tuesdays and Fridays, attorney Joe Escalante answers legal questions for free on the LegalZoom Facebook Page. Did you miss the last Free Joe? Don’t worry. We’ve got it all right here.

Doug: Is there a good place to find a non-disclosure agreement and a partnership agreement?

Joe Escalante: Partnership Agreements are very tricky because there are an infinite number of possibilities for the rights and duties of each partner. Legalzoom does has a General Partnership Agreement so you are in luck. In March, Legalzoom is unveiling a “Band Partnership Agreement in March. By Definition, it is specific in it’s scope but still quite involved. Click the link below.

LegalZoom: Here’s the General Partnership agreement link, Doug:

We have NDAs too, Doug. There’s a whole section of them on this page:

Doug: What is the best way to protect a phone-app idea?

Joe Escalante: An idea is not protectable by copyright law, only the creative expression of the idea. If the idea is “novel” and “non-Obvious,” it may qualify for ‘patent protection.” Check out the info on Legalzoom’s “provisional patent” service for more info on whether this is the path for you.

LegalZoom: Here you go, Doug:

Christopher: Okay. How do I form a trust to protect a business? Can I sell the business to the trust..can a trust own a business and have employees? I live in Missouri.

Joe Escalante: You can “convey” your business to the trust. Read this and get started:

Christopher: Can it be protected from a soon to be ex wife?

Joe Escalante: That depends on how the company was formed and since you are in a non community property state it gets complicated. You need to talk to a divorce attorney if you really want to do this right.


Joe Escalante: That’s how many of them are stopped. Some are frivolous lawsuits, but that’s how many people at least stall the process.


Joe Escalante: You need to talk to a lawfirm that specializes it this in your area. Many are sharks so be careful.


Joe Escalante: You keep paying payments and keep house.

Linda: Hi, Joe I have a question about adminastration law in NE. I want to sue the State of Nebraska about my nail techk licens. I was told that it was thier policy that in order to find out if I could get my license I would have to go to school and finish, submit my papers from the school, pay $90.00 and wait for answer. So $15,000.00 later I am told no. I want to sue the policy! I want my money back. If they would have told me in the begining I would have went to school for something else. Thank you

Joe Escalante: You will need a lawyer to do this right because it sounds somewhat complicated. You can’t sue an individual government employee but you can sue the government for violating your right to due process. Good luck.

Linda: Thank you, but could you please tell me where I can find info on due process?

Joe Escalante: It’s in the U.S. constitution. It’s in the 5th Amendment and applied to the states by the 14th Amendment. You need an attorney with experience in this area against the government.

Ashleii: Hi there I just started my online cupcake business from home. It’s been about a year now. It sucks that we live in CA because my understanding is we can’t bake in our own kitchen. Is that true? What if you don’t have capital or the resources to rent a kitchen out? I am just starting off and am wondering are there any options out there? I want to run a legitimate business but at the same time I just don’t have the monetary resources!

Joe Escalante: This is why people move to Texas. California is full of regulations that protect your health and safety, and the planet, but they are tough on entrepeneurs.

Laura: Is there a time limit for the courts judge and the city of whittiers fraud who conspired to deny my work comp rights lc4605#1 i won the case after ten year7 and a few months later judge zimmerman reversed the decision based on daniel duncans stating my herniated discs and injuries dont exist soon after i won my sdi perm disability but never got back wages and they never paid any of my doctors laura lee lauradonny at yahoo dot com my attorney hid my file from me and gave it to robert linzini and was told not to give it to me state bar govenor white house i wrote them all nothing was done about fraud in the systen

Joe Escalante: The statute of limitations for fraud lawsuits in California is 3 years. You have 3 years from the date of the fraud to think about this, so take your time.

Rochelle: Is there an issue with me filling out guardianship paperwork on my own, if no one is contesting and parents are deceased?

Joe Escalante: Guardianship for who?

Olen: Ok ty for answering my last (?) about the “slum lord” … Now he did Breech his own contract, with that being said, what type of ATTY., do i get? Also, if $6,000 of my SSI is taxable, can i file income tax & if so do i do to a “taxation station” like Liberty Tax, H&R block etc., ? I need help plz especially about the slum lord what kind of Atty., or Lawyer do i get to represent me so i dont incriminate myself without realising it ?? TY.

Joe Escalante: You need a lawyer experienced in representing tenants. “Tenants Rights”

Joe Escalante: Thanks for all your questions. I’m going to play golf with this guy. True story.


Got a legal question? Check out Free Joe every Tuesday and Friday on the LegalZoom Facebook page!

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