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Free Joe . . . Tuesday? More Free Legal Advice on Facebook

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Joe EscalanteGood news! You can now get free legal advice every Tuesday and Friday on the LegalZoom Facebook Page!

By now you’re probably familiar with Free Joe Friday, the legal Q&A with rockstar attorney Joe Escalante that we host on our Facebook page every Friday.

We started Free Joe Friday back in October of 2010 as a way to help folks with common legal questions. The premise is simple: you post a legal question on our Facebook wall; California attorney Joe Escalante answers it.

We knew most people have occasional legal questions—not the kind that warrant hiring a lawyer right away, but simple questions to help them get started or point them in the right direction—but even we’ve been surprised by the overwhelming popularity of Free Joe Friday. Since last October, Joe has answered over 600 legal questions, with more and more pouring in each week.

So we decided to add a second day of free legal advice each week. Starting tomorrow, you can get free answers to your legal questions twice a week: Tuesday and Friday. So what’re you waiting for? Come join us tomorrow morning to get answers to your legal questions for free! Learn more about Joe and get the full details over on Facebook.

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July 25th, 2011 at 4:49 pm