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Grounds for Divorce in Saudi Arabia Now Include Smoking

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Saudi Arabia by Eugene Rebis on Flickr

Saudi Arabia by Eugene Rebis on Flickr

A judge in Saudia Arabia has added “smoking” to the list of possible grounds for divorce in that country.

According to Bikyamasr, Appeals Judge Ebrahim Khodairi wrote:

If a woman married a man and then found out that he is a smoker, and she mentioned in her case that she had, as a result of his smoking, a health issue in the chest and severe allergy, after stating that she didn’t want in the first place to marry a smoker because she considered it a fault in the man, their marriage should be ended because of the harm smoking causes and the inability of the couple to continue their life together.

If a woman knew her husband was a smoker pre-marriage, however, a divorce should not be granted on the grounds of smoking,  according to the judge.

Following the ruling, social media erupted with personal opinions on the decision, including one from a man who wrote, “If this is the case, all women will be divorced.”

Saudi Arabia has six million smokers as well as the highest divorce rate in the world according to a 2011 article, which reported one divorce every half hour. has more information on cultural ramifications of divorce in Saudi Arabia if you’re interested.

What do you think of smoking as an irreconcilable difference?


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July 19th, 2012 at 10:23 am

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