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Lead Found in Warner Brothers Drinking Glasses

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Warner Bros Studio by crawfish head on Flickr

Photo by crawfish head on Flickr

Drinking glasses bought at the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank have tested extremely high for lead and cadmium content — up to 1,000 times the federally accepted limit of lead in children’s products. There are no federal limits on cadmium in design surfaces, but the real question for federal authorities is whether these glasses are considered children’s products — if not, the lead levels are entirely legal.

The testing was commissioned by the Associated Press after McDonald’s recalled 12 million “Shrek” glasses over the summer because of cadmium flaking off. The glasses that were tested have images of the Wizard of Oz characters as well as superheroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman and are made in China.

The study found between 16 and 30.2 percent lead content in the Warner Brothers glasses; the federal limit for lead in children’s products is .03 percent.

Other similar glasses that have been distributed by Burger King, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Walt Disney were tested as well, and researchers found “notable amounts of lead or cadmium from their decorations.” Coca-Cola has already retested and decided to pull nearly 90,000 glasses on its own.

Specific findings of the AP’s testing, which was carried out by ToyTestingLab in Rhode Island, include the following:

[T]he enamel used to color the Tin Man had the highest lead levels, at 1,006 times the federal limit for children’s products. Every Oz and superhero glass tested exceeded the government limit: The Lion by 827 times and Dorothy by 770 times; Wonder Woman by 533 times, Superman by 617 times, Batman by 750 times and the Green Lantern by 677 times.

For a fuller discussion of this situation, see Cadmium, Lead Found in Drinking Glasses at The Huffington Post.

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November 23rd, 2010 at 7:40 am